1. accomplishment of or ability to accomplish a job
with a minimum expenditure of time and effort
2. the ratio of the work done or energy developed by
a machine, engine, etc., to the energy supplied to it


Efficiency Analysis Systems (EASe) provides you with actionable management information based on a combination of statistical techniques, proprietary analysis software, and the application of in-field experience to make the results useful to you in your daily operations.




The key to optimal analysis is the framework we design exclusively for your application. A generalized method of measuring and reaching maximum efficiency rarely works in any line of business because you have certain unique operating characteristics, many of them beneficial from a competitive stand point, and many of them have been in place for years or decades without question-while the world has changed in technology and where the cost factors are in your final product. We find the opportunities for improvement.




The common goal is efficiency--how to measure it and how you can use it for management decision making. Efficiency gains are analogous with bottom line improvement. The first step in improvement is being able to measure current results.





A well thought out and implemented improvement plan will result in a more efficient process or system. To generate an optimal plan of action, a thorough and complete analysis of the current operation is required.


Our specialty is out of the box thinking-applying operating knowledge gained through decades of experience to your unique situation. We are often surprised by what we discover in operations, and this often results in a “Why not?” solution to an operational characteristic that has been in place for decades and remained unquestioned.




EASe presents you with analysed data pointing out where the greatest improvements are available, and we work with you to ensure you can adopt these best of breed practices into your organization with a minimum of disruption.


Our staff is trained in various efficiency measurement techniques including Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and Kiazan. We are hands on engineers who know how to do things and recommend possible solutions for you to consider on your path to greater profitability.



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