Miles per gallon performance is critical to your success today,
more so than ever before!


Measuring MPG and accounting for the variables that impact MPG performance is a very complex subject.

Consider the TMC recommendation that for every ten degrees difference in temperature, there is a two percent change in MPG. This due to air density and the energy required to push aside denser air. The recommendation on driver variations is that there is a 30% difference between your best and worst drivers.

Have you put on new tires lately?
New tires lower MPG
Yes, until they are broken in, new is not better.

When we account for these variables (among many others including route and load), we define your fleet performance very accurately.
If you don’t account for the variables, you cannot possibly see the impact of any changes made in the operation.




Using advanced data-mining techniques we reveal a wealth of information that may not be apparent at first glance about your fleet performance.

This information includes actual performance of vehicle types compared to each other, driver performance,
and is used for any other items you may want to evaluate or compare.

A brief list includes:
  • lubricants
  • additives
  • tires
  • double wide tires
  • composite springs
  • and aerodynamics

From this baseline of MPG performance, you can see the impact of any item. If you wish to simply compare the before and after results when you change any one of the variables.


This service is performed monthly.
You simply provide daily fuel, odometer and/or hour meter along with driver and load.
We provide you with a highly accurate model of every vehicle’s performance on road or off.




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